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Equity Sourcing

NAI Everest is able to provide owners, developers and institutions with joint venture equity opportunities that other equity providers simply cannot access. This ability to match developers and owners with institutional equity relies on three unique characteristics.

  • NAI Everest maintains an exclusive nationwide database of real estate equity investors. This database is customized in its tracking and profiling of acquisition criteria and portfolio goals. It allows our team to quickly identify connections and partnerships.
  • Developed longstanding relationships with these contacts. NAI Everest is recognized as a trusted firm whose clear, concise manner of communication and valuable insight into capital markets presents viable opportunities to equity partners.
  • NAI Everest's Equity team brings tremendous real estate development and financial experience to each relationship. We see associations, design solutions, and make connections that other firms do not have the expertise or resources to execute.

The team at NAI Everest's long-term tenure on national industry leading board of directors further expands the resources we able to offer. Because of our management and analysis of portfolio and market data, our unmatched reputation for insightful perspectives, and the loyal relationships we have cultivated, we are dedicated to custom-designing equity structures that bring workable solutions to our clients. We make powerful connections that result in market-driven real estate development and ownership.

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