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Market Analysis

NAI Everest provides market analysis on behalf of the real estate industry focusing primarily on multifamily housing. Our team of experts is available to assist property owners, developers, builders, investors, lenders, and government agencies in making informed decisions regarding the market potential of real estate developments.

NAI Everest provides market analysis for the following types of real estate developments:

  • Market Rate Rental Housing
  • Affordable and Subsidized Rental Housing
  • Adult Senior Housing
  • Senior Housing with Services (Independent, Assisted Living, Memory Care)
  • Comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment

NAI Everest tailors market research to meet the specific needs of the client. Assignments can range from preliminary assessments to determine if the next level of research is necessary ("go/no go" decisions) to Full Market Feasibility Studies.

In addition to market assessments of individual projects, NAI Everest offers comprehensive multifamily housing needs assessments to provide clients with calculations of future housing needs and provide specific recommendations on developments appropriate to meet these needs. development agencies.

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