Why NAI Everest?

Our clients rely on NAI Everest's experience in developing relationships and making connections. They value our unwavering focus in serving their best interest and enjoy the advantage of our unsurpassed market knowledge and keen insight. Only NAI Everest utilizes a unique foundation of information sharing supported by advanced technology that captures capital market dynamics and links institutions, owners and investors with assets and opportunities.

  • We’re a growing, fast and highly efficient team.
  • We rely on each other and sophisticated, proprietary databases that allow us to process objectives and make industry connections effectively.
  • We operate with a sense of urgency that capitalizes on market dynamics and conditions, we’re always one step ahead.
  • We are convinced that opportunities don’t arise, we create them.

Contact Information

323 North Washington Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55401
United States
Tel (612) 424 7542